Saturday, January 9, 2010

bestfriends !


is a person closest to your heart
a person where you can rely on
a person that makes you smile
a person that makes you laugh
a person that makes you think
a person that has a lot of maturity, goodness, and intellect.
a person that pushes you to the limit of your ability
a person that hugs you when you are in deep sorrow
a person who standing beside you if u broke up
a person who try to make sure you feel comfortable
a person who is always considerate
a person that knows you well from your family, background, trait,
a person that even if you fight with, you will make up later
a person who is honest to you. and never lie about anything
a person that can help you in everything that you can ask for

I haven't given this much thought. But these are things I think a best friend are.