Sunday, November 7, 2010

Casa by BravaCasa 22-25 June 2010

the event where they give us big opportunity to show our works!
Sixtro,3235 miles and warteg bench first exhibited in here, enjoy the photos!

3235 miles - Stool set
these couple of main material are brought back fr short trip in melbourne
piles of junk imported from back kithcen of a bar near chapel st.
3235 miles adopted to Eko Priharseno ( Aedi owner )
please handle with care and love Mr. Eko :)

Warteg - bench
a walk down the memory lane. Surviving 4 years! of college
with meals from local food hawkers, we all familiar with : warteg
this piece of bench is a memoir of how those meals keep the tummy happy
( the 329 km emboss mean distance fr jakarta to tegal )

Sixtro - cabinet
inspired by grandparent;s home interior from the fifties, the used materials fr manggo wood, osb,pallet support and gunny sack for the drawer.

this our booth where i collaborated with Felicia Setijono, Michele Nathania and Debrina Syafei
and we have a silly group name " 13D projects" it mean we work 13 day for this exhibition :)